Fiberglass Design and Engineering 

FSE has an integrated composite engineering team and services — conserving your resources, reducing time, saving money, and reducing the risk of future failure

We’re not just the category experts for the last 40 years. At FSE, we’ve fostered a rare company culture that allows us to integrate our composite engineering services and our teams, resulting in a more complete answer for our clients with far more checks and balances than other firms can deliver. This type of integration has allowed FSE to pioneer many analysis methods and techniques, which have now become common and adopted by standards and codes.

Stay on schedule and on budget

Proven composite engineering procedures are used to develop the critical details in non-mandatory areas of the design specifications where considerable judgment is required.

Get the longest, most cost-effective service life possible

The FSE design package for composite engineering will be optimized for your design conditions to provide the longest, most cost-effective service life possible for the FRP/GRP equipment. Descriptive specifications, construction details, and fabrication drawings supplied with the FSE design package cover all fabrication issues significant to the design analysis, and provide for verification of the important criteria through inspection and testing. Compliance with these quality-related details ensures long-term performance of the equipment.

Control costs with accurate competitive bidding

The detailed fabrication drawings and descriptive specifications furnished by FSE will provide the basis for competitive bidding, assuring "apples-to-apples" pricing for one design. Those same drawings and specifications will be used by the vendor for fabrication. No vendor fabrication or design submittals will be required.

Realize long-term financial success

The owner retains important control over the design and fabrication process, ensuring that all FRP/GRP equipment requirements and the desires of the owner are fully integrated into the design. You always know that the cost/benefit tradeoffs are managed in accordance with the owner's interests.


  • Feasibility and Cost Analysis
  • Equipment Design
  • Fabrication Specifications
  • Materials Selection
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Technical Bid Evaluation
  • Specification of Design Requirements
  • Review of Vendor Design Submittals
  • Corporate Specifications and Standards

When to Use FSE Composite Engineering Services

For creating detailed design and specifications prior to request for quotations, or for detailed specification and design review. Either can be considered for all projects including:

  • New equipment applications when limited previous FRP/GRP performance information is available. These applications would include those that demand a high degree of design expertise using composite engineering technology, and those that would exceed conventional design practices.
  • Previous applications in which the service life of FRP/GRP equipment has been limited.
  • Applications that involve unacceptable consequences of failure or unscheduled shutdowns.
  • Applications with severe environmental and operating conditions.