Fiberglass Quality Assurance (QA) Inspection

A complete answer optimizes schedule, and reduces budget and risk of future failure.

FSE’s unique integrated approach in the fiberglass industry gives our customers a leg up on the competition. Our integrated services ensure that all field inspectors and field engineers interact with the home office, creating a seamless, coordinated approach to projects utilizing all aspects of our services.

Once your FRP/GRP project is designed, FSE will make sure it is built to the project specifications. Our quality assurance program will ensure that design requirements are satisfied during fabrication and that an appropriate level of quality is produced throughout fabrication and installation.  FSE QA services will include inspections to control some or all the items listed below. During these inspections, significant fabrication issues, such as laminate quality, laminate sequences, and specified glass content will be confirmed:

  • Pre-job alignment meeting to review specifications, drawings, equipment, and tooling prior to fabrication.
  • Materials intended for use in fabrication.
  • Molds, mandrels, tooling.
  • Cure, ignition, or physical testing of first part fabricated or first part of a series of fabrications.
  • Corrosion liner application of large parts.
  • Dimensional measurements after fit-up and prior to secondary lamination.
  • Environmental conditions and surface preparation prior to joining.
  • Visual inspection prior to pigmented surface coating.
  • Witness hydrostatic or acoustic emission testing.
  • Final inspection.
  • Packing, loading and shipping.

Effective reporting offers complete understanding, so you’ll know what you need to act on now and what to follow up on in the future.

Inspection results are documented by a report, which also includes recommendations for correction of any problems encountered. Non-compliance issues are brought to the attention of the owner immediately, along with FSE recommendations for remedies.

Stay on time with rapid NCR resolution

NCRs are dealt with expediently at the highest levels of our company seven days a week. We recognize the need for rapid resolution of NCRs, and so utilize our unique integrated services approach, which has put FSE in a league of its own in the fiberglass industry.


  • Third Party Independent QA Inspection
    • Shop Fabrication
    • Field Installation and Joining
  • Verification Testing
  • NDT (see Testing and Evaluation)
  • Vendor Qualification
  • Field Joiner Certification

When to Use FSE Quality Assurance Services

The owner is ultimately responsible for verification of quality issues. To ensure that design requirements are satisfied in the fabrication process and that an appropriate level of quality is being produced, the owner must employ a quality assurance program. The program is intended to verify that basic project requirements have been met as evidenced by the owner's shop inspection and verification of the fabricator's inspection documentation. FSE can provide this service for the owners.

FSE QA inspections are used to control the quality and specification conformance of shop fabrication, on-site equipment and piping installation, and field repairs. QA inspections can include full-time shop inspections, predetermined fabrication milestone inspections, audits of crating and loading for delivery, and on-site installation or repair inspections.

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