Fiberglass Testing and Evaluation

FSE tests for end use, avoiding future failures

Many products cannot be tested in a manner equivalent to their end use. Although it is possible to simulate operation by applying temperature and pressure changes, other conditions, such as bending and load combinations, cannot be reasonably simulated in a test situation. Through a combination of analytical modeling and non-destructive and destructive laboratory tests, FSE provides meaningful evaluations that are appropriate for the end use of the product.

Often, load conditions specified in FRP/GRP testing standards do not relate to the actual end use of the product. FSE integrates a variety of analytical and testing techniques, such as tensile strength testing, ignition loss testing (burn test), and hydro and burst testing, combining the strengths of each to gain the highest confidence in the adequacy of the product for the intended service.


  • Material Property Testing
  • Full-Scale Product Testing
  • Acoustic Emission Monitoring 
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
    • Radiography
    • Infrared Thermography
    • Ultrasonics
    • Magnetic Thickness Gauging

Standard Operating Procedures

Review the product/equipment process and design requirements, including fabrication methods, corrosion requirements, and strength requirements.

Determine expected laminate physical properties through laminate theory analysis after reviewing fabrication methods and raw materials.

Determine the expected mode of failure for the equipment through engineering analysis, including first sign of failure and ultimate structural failure.

Test the whole product or the critical parts of the equipment to determine capabilities. Test aids are employed as required to improve the analytical results, including strain gauging and Acoustic Emission testing.

Report findings — including comparison of actual test results with theoretical analysis — for product analysis, evaluation, and confirmation.

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