Failure Investigation

Dramatically reduce downtime

Quickly and accurately determining the cause of failed FRP/GRP equipment can provide you with valuable information needed to make effective repair or replacement decisions. Untrained evaluation of failed fiberglass equipment can result in unnecessary delays, which can be very costly in lost production downtime.

Avoid repeats with forensic analysis

FSE is nationally known for expertise in the investigation, analysis, and forensic testing of failed FRP/GRP equipment, including structural and corrosion containment failures. FSE has the experience to identify the root of the problem, so you’ll have the right solution based on forensic analysis.

Increase efficiencies with FSE’s 40 years of experience

FSE’s experience includes (but is not limited to) failure investigation and expert testimony related to above- and below-ground storage tanks and piping, including large underground circulating water piping at fossil fuel and nuclear power plants. Clients include major petroleum and petrochemical companies, chemical plants, municipalities, and pulp and paper mills. FSE has performed extensive failure investigations as well as integrated preventive maintenance and engineering services for firewater piping on offshore drilling rigs, including comprehensive laboratory and on-rig forensic testing.

Reduced response time saves money

FSE can mobilize field inspectors and engineers to the failure site on very short notice because we have people all over the world.


  • Site Inspection and Sampling
  • Document Review
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Review of Design and Maintenance History
  • Sample Testing
  • Expert Testimony

When to Use FSE Failure Investigation Services

FSE failure investigation services can be applied to virtually any type of fiberglass FRP/GRP equipment failure situation. Failed FRP/GRP equipment can include ruptured piping, collapsed FRP/GRP tanks or tank tops, breached stack liners, heat or chemically burnt corrosion liners and structural walls, delaminated joints and overlays, cracks, and buckling.

Often, the symptoms of failing FRP/GRP equipment are not obvious, and these serious results have not yet happened. This is generally the case when the FRP/GRP corrosion liner has failed, but the FRP/GRP structural wall has not yet failed.

Use of FSE failure investigation services at the first signs of failure can often lead to prevention of serious damage to the FRP/GRP equipment or piping and unsafe operating conditions.

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