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Global Fiberglass Market Report: 2012



Research and Markets ( just came out with their 'Global Fiberglass Composite Market Report: 2012 Edition'  Anyone involved in fiberglass, domestic or global, business ...

New Glass Fiber - Stronger and Lighter



Windpower Engineering and Development published an article today titled, 'High-performance fiberglass allows longer and lighter blades' regarding a new glass fiber that is being use ...

Roark's Formulas - Invaluable



Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain, by Warren C. Young and Richard G. Budynas, 7th edition, is a must have for any design engineer ...

Boron - Serbian Mining Update



Small amounts of boron are used in the production of E-glass fibers, which is widely used in the production of industrial fiberglass products. Today's ...

Glass Fibers used in Industrial Fiberglass Equipment


If you are just getting familiar with industrial fiberglass here are the basics on glass fiber types and when they are used.

Surfacing Veil versus ...

New MacBook Air with Fiberglass?



Although this is way outside of our industry it's fun to see other uses of fiberglass that we can relate to. The New MacBook ...

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