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Future Pipe - FPI (Group) - Expanding Gobally via Purchases (Protesa & Specialty Plastics)




Trade Arabia - FPI purchases Protesa a Spanish fabricator. This is an interesting purchase for FPI, expanding out of GCC. But it's not the first ...

Fiberglass Tank and Pipe Failures - Who needs them?




You can avoid costly Failure Investigations of Fiberglass industrial equipment with regular preventive maintenance inspections of your fiberglass equipment. When it comes to safety there ...

Fabricator Inspection or 3rd Party Independant Inspection Company?


Light bulb


When is it appropriate to hire your local industrial fiberglass fabricator to assess the condition of your (or their) old fiberglass equipment such as pipes ...

Fiberglass Reinforced - Wind Turbine Towers?


Wind tower


This is a great project, a testament to fiberglass. Wind turbine towers of FRP, not just the blades but the towers themselves. It has been ...

Owens Corning - Alliance Central!




Owens Corning and China's Jinniu Fiberglass tie the knot in another one of Owens Corning's recent alliances.


Utility Products




Fiberglass in industrial applications cease to amaze.  From fiberglass transmission poles to cross arms and braces.


Custom Design in Industrial Plastics – Dying, Thriving or on a Comeback

Custom Design in Industrial Plastics – Dying, Thriving or on a Comeback


Industrialization has enabled assembly line production and standardization of many products that enrich our lives every day. Within certain tolerances, products we buy from toothbrushes ...

Notable Strategic Alliance

Notable Strategic Alliance


 A notable strategic alliance with two reputable companies, Owens Corning and Taishan Fiberglass.  


Fiberglass Pressure Tests and Why They Are Misleading




Anytime you see some outstanding claim of a high burst pressure that reaches some ‘amazing’ pressure value before bursting, you should question its validity.


A ...

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