Fiberglass Tank and Pipe Failures - Who needs them?




You can avoid costly Failure Investigations of Fiberglass industrial equipment with regular preventive maintenance inspections of your fiberglass equipment. When it comes to safety there really is no option. Fiberglass Structural Engineering (FSE Inc.) provides all the services you need from engineering, inspection, testing, preventive maintenance and failure investigation. On average most companies inspect their fiberglass industrial equipment, tanks, pipes etc every one to two years to avoid problems and failures.


TANK pipe


We recommend you do the same and call FSE Inc. before you need to call for a failure investigation............................... yes they do that too.



  1. Adnan Riaz on 03/18/2014 1:49 a.m. #

    Dear All

    Its been economical suggestions to have the better design calculations parallel to the environment where such installation may reduce such incidents.

    Anyhow prevention is always better than CURE.


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